Everything you wanted to know about Vigna Unguiculata

Extension of the book COWPEA published by the Crop Science Society of America 2015

Young cowpea plants

Green cowpea pods

Ripe cowpea pods

Diversity of cowpea seeds

Delicious cowpea salad

Basic cowpea seeds

Origin of Cowpea

History of the origin of cowpeas.

Improved Production

Improved Cowpea Production

World Production

Production of cowpeas around the world

Cowpea Utilization

Utilization of Cowpeas


Cowpea Research

Cowpea Databases

Cowpea Databases

This website is an extension of a book COWPEA published by the CSSA

This website will contain new research material that has come to light since the publishing of the book. It will also contain supplemental material that could not be included in the book.

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Dr. B.B. Singh